This a time to make important decisions. It's important that you think what really matters to your prenatal and maternity care. In the second month, if you've not decide already, you will need to choose your health care provider and where do you would like to deliver your baby.

The Baby // Developments
Now that you are eight weeks pregnant weights approximately 1 gram and is about 1 1/2 inches long (about the size of a small apricot). His tiny vertebrae have developed and his heart beats 60 to 70 times per minute. You can also see in a sonogram his brain, spinal cord, stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, muscles, bones and skin that are developing rapidly. You can also see his facial features, ankles and wrists and his fingers and toes are taking shape. On the sonogram you may also observe his eyelids. And from now on is no longer called an embryo but a fetus and he looks more and more like a baby.

Your body // Changes
Your body continues to change and most of this changes are occuring within your cervix and uterus. Physiologically, your body is rapidily responding to this changes, your cervix and uterus are softening and you uterus is shifting to a more globular shape. Blood volume continues to increase, flowing more blood directly to your uterus. Some of the early signs and symptoms will appear in this stage of pregnancy. You stil don't look much like a pregnant woman but you're starting to feel like one.

Choosing the health care provider
Now is also time to start thinking who's gonna be your health care provider during the pregnancy. Usually your first appointment is set for nine weeks into pregnancy and it can be with your family-practice physician, gynecologist, obstetrician-gynecologist or with your nurse-practitioner. Finding the right practitioner may seem a difficult task. Before you schedule the appointment find out where the practitioner attends births and if it is a suitable place for you.
During the first appointment the practitioner will ask you about your medical history and other matters concerning the pregnancy. He/she will discuss with you general health concerns that you may have. You will have also, some blood and urine tests that will give your practitioner a general idea about your health and if there is any aspect that he/she will have to follow closely. A pelvic exam will be made to confirm the pregnancy and if needed to analyze your pelvic bone structure, size and shape.
Your health care provider may also prescribe you a daily prenatal multivitamin and iron if your blood levels indicate a low level of iron. Until the 28 week pregnant you will see your practitioner once a month. From 29 though 36 weeks you will have an appointment every two weeks, and after that time once a week. It is also important that you maintain now and though all the pregnancy an healthy diet and if needed take some supplemental vitamins or minerals.
Be very careful with the medications you take during your pregnancy, never auto medicate yourself. Many medications can be safe when needed but others can harm you and your baby.


Choosing the birthplace // Hospital // Birth center // Home
The hospital can be a good choice if you think that it can be reassuring to know that if some problem arise that place has the resources to handle it quickly. Some women choose to give birth at home because they prefer a natural labor without medical interventions. But be careful, if something goes wrong during the labor you must be immediately transferred to a hospital. Most of the home births are attended by midwives, who also provide prenatal care. At last you have the birth centers that aim to provide to the pregnant an experience similar to home birth but with the warranty of, in case of needing, a quick transfer to a hospital. Some of them also provide prenatal care.
Choosing a proper delivering place may be difficult. You must think about witch one is better and safer for you and the baby. Regarding safety issues, the hospital may be the better choice. But, the last choice is always yours and it is important that you take the time to think through what feels most comfortable for you.


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