At the seventh month of pregnancy you probably will feel great. The third trimester is beginning and new things are happening. Your breasts may be leaking a small amount of a substance called "colostrum", a kind of  "premilk" and that is a normal thing in this stage of pregnancy. Your baby still has some room to grow and you still don't feel the late trimester discomforts related to the increase of size and the baby's pushing against your ribs or bladder. now you may take some time to fix little things like your baby's room and enjoy being pregnant.

The Baby // Developments
By now, your baby has doubled his weight since the month before; and weights at this time about 3 pounds. It's time for your baby start to gain weight. Until the birth his weight will dramatically increase, and by the end of this month he will be about 18 inches long.
Your baby interacts a lot with environment, stretches, moves hiccups, opens an closes his eyes and probably sucks his thumb. He develops a little of fat under the skin and his head may be full of hair already. He perceives light and shapes and he can hear. If he had to born now, he would had a good change of growing to be a healthy child, but remember that each day that he remains inside the uterus he will increase the changes of being a healthy child and adult and will reduce the time he will have to spend in the hospital after the birth.

Your Body // Developments
Unfortunately this month will bring you also some trouble specially in your veins. You may suffer specially from to conditions:.

Varicose veins
They are more common in women than in men and often they run in families. The increase of blood supply during pregnancy can exacerbate the appearance of smaller varicose vein or spider veins that are more common to appear on the legs and arms. They occur when capillaries are weaken and their appear in form of a fine reddish, bluish or purplish lines under the skin. Larger varicose veins may appear too, and they are bulging and swollen. Both kinds of varicose veins can appear for the first time or worsen during during pregnancy due to the huge pressure of the uterus on the veins in the legs. They may not even bother you, but they can also be very painful. It is advisable to use compression stockings to relief the pain. After the birth, varicose veins usually become less pronounced, but they may not disappear completely. Spider veins, are the ones that  most commonly remain.
But the pressure caused bay the baby's head may also cause other large veins in the thighs and labia. You may find some relief this pressure by lying down, but there is no way to prevent these varicose veins. They can cause some discomfort bur fortunately, they go away after the baby's birth.

Vascular spiders
Also known as "spider nevi", they usually they only appear during pregnancy. These one's are different from the small spider veins. Vascular spider look like tiny red, raised lines that branch out from the center, similar to a spider. They commonly appear  on the upper body, neck and face and their cause lies on the increase in estrogen. They cause no pain or discomfort and in general they fade or even disappear completely after delivery.


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